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13 Scary Mistakes Stock Investor Do To Loose Money In Stock Market Part 3 of 3

      9. Trading in multiple stock that you don’t have the  time to properly monitor

The fundamental analysis and technical analysis you have when you bought the stock might not be the same after few days or months.  It is important to update your analysis when necessary.

10.    Not  mentally physically emotionally prepared before entering the stock trading and stock investing.

When you want to earn in stock market, it is very important that you are prepared for any quick or slow changes.  Having the right preparations would allow you to make proper decisions on how you will invest and trade.

11    Expecting that a HOT stock tip would always earn you  a lot of money

Stock tip are tips that anyone can create.  This is usually created to make an artificial increase in stock price.  Guess who will make money during the hot stock tip craze. 

Yes you may earn at the early stage of the stock tip craze and more likely you will invest more but  when the stock tip craze is done, you will have no way how to sell your stock without loosing big.

12    Too dependent on newspaper or someone you know for information.

Before a useful information is printed in the newspaper most of the stock investor would already get the information and made the necessary actions to increase their gain or manage their loss.

There are a lot of ways to get the information as early as you want.  Information age allowed us to see most international or local information online.

       13. Saying the best practices of stock investing but doing all the 13th scary mistake to loose money in stock market .

Most people will say they invest in stock market but if you review their stock portfolio, most stock are sold and bought within few days or few months.  You are considered a stock trader if you only hold your stocks for a few days or few months. 

You need to learn the fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stock trading so you will have a higher probability of earning in stock trading and stock investing.

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