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8 Tips To Pay Taxes Without Paying A Single Centavo "The Legal Way" Part 1

Tax is an expensive business expense.  Can you really contribute to our government funds without paying a single centavo? Yes using the 8 tips to pay taxes without paying a single centavo "the Legal way"


Discipline start with you as a responsible citizen of your country.  Don't be a person who will be a burden of your country. Not helping your country to grow is not contributing your best for the growth of your country

Segregate your garbage. Local government spends a lot of money to collect your garbage. A simple backyard garden for biodegradable waste. For recyclable items you can sell it to your local junk shop. Government don't have to hire more garbage trucks and staff to collect your daily garbage.  Japan has a very strict garbage disposal system. Japan lack of land suitable for landfill is the biggest reason why they should have a proper garbage disposal system.  Public road is very clean, a clean city has a  less chance to be affected by natural calamity like flood. Local government don't have to declare  state of emergency too often and they   don’t need to release big fund for big disasters.

 A Japanese study in 2012 found that  people stuck in traffic in Manila and nearby areas amounted to  more than 2 billion pesos a day.  Follow  road signs. This is one of the cheapest way to lessen Traffic. If people will not follow road signs, government needs to ask Police to manage traffic to make sure all people will follow road signs.  Police will do traffic management roles instead of doing their duties to keep the country safe.  Follow traffic rules and be patient with all the problems of your current transportation system , there will be improvements and traffic measures will be more effective if you follow the current traffic rules

Don't commit crimes. Less crimes in your area, the government don't have to hire more employees to keep the area safe 24/7. Less government employees less salary paid by our taxes. More peaceful environment, all people in your area can focus more on creating important things to contribute to the growth of your country.

Ondoy is a few hours of rain. Ondoy showed that the  drainage system is not able to absorb rain water. Extreme weather conditions overwhelming the drainage system.The best way to lessen expenses on disaster rehabilitation is to prepare for the disaster. Clearing waterways, you see more dredging being done. Prevention is still best and less cost for the  government. If you don't pollute your waterways and plant more trees, government don't have to hire more people and use more equipment to clear waterways.

Helping yourself  lead to less support from your government funds.  Don't create problems that will need your government to allocate funds to solve those problems. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. Government funds can be allocated to other needs of the country.  Be independent with government support so government can help more people  that really need government support.

By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character. - Grenville kleiser.

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