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Top 10 things to lessen daily decisions and to avoid decision fatigue.

How can we lessen daily decisions to avoid decision fatigue?

Top 10 things you can share.

Easy. No cost to do. Creative ways.

1. Wear any comfortable home shirt. If possible limit the specific number of shirt you want to wear everyday.
2. Drink your daily vitamins before you  brush your teeth and go to sleep.
3. Same Daily Breakfast  -oatmeal or any healthy options
4. Black socks for any occasion.
5. One shoe for exercise. One shoe for  formal. One shoe for casual. One slipper.
6. Plan 1 week of meal. Freeze cooked meals for 1 week. Just microwave what you want to eat.
7. Charge your phone using an auto timer and auto off before you go to sleep.
8. Use a 1 -2 liters water bottle to measure your daily water intake.
9.Have a specific place for all your things ex. Gadget. Bag.
10.  Set an alarm for your daily important activities.

bank bulletin 2019-08 unsuccessful efiling attempt of Efps taxpayer

Bank bulletin 2019-08  unsuccessful efiling attempt of Efps taxpayer
1. Attached printed copy of screenshot of the pop-up message as proof of unsuccessful efiling attempt in the eFPs  so Bank will accept over the counter filing of returns of efps filers.

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