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Hanapbuhay or Hanappatay Part 2of 2. 3 Action plans so you can work to live

1. Financial planning is always an urgent task that you should do everyday.  You cannot afford to lose your job then your job is a master of your life.  What we cannot lose is a master over your life.  Your resources like your money, you skills should be your servant to follow you what ever you want them to do to meet all your goals.

Working smart is following the Pareto Principle.  20% of your effort will generate 80% return for you while 80% of your effort will just generate 20% return for you.  You must be aware of what gives you the most return and focus on those things so you get more with the less of your resources.

2.  Just ask help.  You can always ask for  help so people know that you need it.  If you need to pay for the service then prepare yourself so you can hire a qualified partners in your team.  Do not forget to take care of yourself.  You may have the wrong mindset that taking care of yourself is a selfish act but taking care of yourself should be the priority so you can better serve more people.

Having  a system is the best way to handle multiple task.  A system is a set of your action plans that you will act if a certain scenario come to you.

3.  Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 
- Confucius.  
Always have fun in what you are doing.  First few years of your career, you may need to accept projects that you may not like but as long as this will give you the skills that you need so you can do what you love then learn all the trainings as fast as you can.

A simple example is you can watch a dvd marathon and be really tired but you are so happy after the experience.  A movie critic do this as they go to work everyday.  Always find the fun in whatever you do so no matter how long it takes you to finish it and even you feel really tired, you will still be happy because it is fun for you to do it.

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