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Hanapbuhay or Hanappatay Part 1of 2. 3 Signs That You Are Just Living To Work.

A simple reminder to all who are working.  You are working to live, not to live just to work. 

1.  You wake up rushing to go to work for more than 12hours evreyday and you still have no savings to prepare for your future.  Few years after college, you need to accept all the trainings that you need to have all the necessary experience you need to be the most qualified in your profession. But the problem if you do not train yourself properly, you will just be working hard all your working life and not working smart.

2.  You feel guilty to take a rest because you still have so many project that you need to finish.  You work more than 12 hours a day then you bring your work home. Weekends you still do your work so you can finish last week unfinished task.
The really bad cycle will continue until you realize that this is not a normal working condition.

3.  You only have less than 8hours sleep after more than 12hours of your work.  Having a life after work is not something you ask but you will need to plan everyday so life will not control you but you control your life.

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