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10 Basic Steps to Help Your Employees if They Don't Have A Salary during the Quarantine. Part 3

1.  You can issue their 13th month Salary.
2.  You can ask them to use their leaves.
3.  You can distribute your perishable  goods in your store for their grocery if you will not be operating for at least 1 month.
4. If cash is enough, you can issue weekly grocery bag to your employees during the quarantine even if they don't receive any salary.  Monthly grocery if they can budget it to last up to 1 month.
5.  If your warehouse or office is big enough to accommodate your employees, they can stay there during the quarantine.  It will also help the company to better  safe keep the area.
6.  Ask other employees to help co workers if they can help co workers with the support of the company.
7..Continue to communicate with your employees, sometimes they just need the affirmation that they still have something to comeback after the quarantine.
8.  Ask your partners, friends, family and your different support group if they can help in some basic needs of the people.
9.  Offer them a fun movie or e learing subscriptions. Instead of a quarantine, this will be a 1 month home based training for them or home based vacation.
10.Be honest if the company will not be able to recover during the crisis.  This will give them time to plan their next steps.

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