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Top 9 Highlights of RR 15-2012 and RR 18-2012 Regulations in the Processing of Authority to Print

Top 9 Highlights of RR 15-2012 and RR 18-2012. 

Regulations in the Processing of Authority to Print (ATP) Official Receipts, Sales Invoices, and Other Commercial Invoices using the On-line ATP System and Providing for the Additional Requirements in the Printing Thereof.

            1.    To regulate further the printing of all invoices by setting a validity period.  
2.     The printer has been in the printing business for no less than three (3) years and
operating based on a going concern principle.
3.  The printer shall not require minimum number of booklets for printing of the principal and supplementary invoices/receipts.
4.       As a general rule, all applications for ATP of the Head Office (HO) and all its branches shall be done on-line.
 In case of systems downtime, all applications for ATP shall be manually filed.

             5.     There shall be one application for ATP per establishment (HO or branch) which shall be
         filed with RDO/LT Office concerned where the HO is registered. Each application shall be
         issued a separate ATP.
 6.   The approved ATP shall be valid only upon full usage of the inclusive serial numbers of principal and supplementary receipts/invoices reflected in such ATP or five (5) years from issuance of the same, whichever comes first.
7.    All unused/unissued principal and supplementary receipts/invoices printed prior to the effectivity of these Regulations, shall be valid until June 30, 2013.
      8.    A taxpayer with expiring ATP for its invoices/receipts (principal and supplementary) shall        apply for a new ATP not later than Sixty (60) days prior to actual expiry date.
All unused/unissued principal/supplementary receipts/invoices shall be surrendered to the RDO where   the  taxpayer   is  registered   on  or   before   the   10th   day   after   the  validity  period  of  the expired    receipts/invoices    for   destruction. 
 An    Inventory   listing    of    the   same    shall   also   be submitted.
9.     BIR will still issue another regulation or circular to clarify the proper implementation of the RR 15- 2012 and RR18- 2012.

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