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Paper Management

Handle paper only once. What do I mean? Everyday you received a lot of mails, projects, bills, magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Without proper paper management, this will affect your daily effectiveness and efficiency in handling your task. You handle paper once by classifying and deciding where you need to file the documents. For example bills that is still payable to the supplier or paid using auto payment. I prefer to just keep 3 folders. 1st folder is the Today folder, 2nd folder is the Urgent folder and 3rd folder is the Not Urgent folder. Today folder holds all the documents that you have to finish today. Urgent folder holds all documents that has a specific deadline but not due today. Not urgent folder has no specific deadline but you need to finish so task will not be too many that you will have a hard time to handle. The most important part of the process is disposing the documents once I don’t have a future use for it or put in a folder that will hold the documents for one month to be sure you don’t really need it for future reference.

I shared my paper management system with a co worker and when he use it in his new job, he emailed me that my simple paper management system help him manage his daily task no matter how many documents and projects are assigned to him. At 8:00 am, you just open the today folder focusing only the projects of today folder and if you finish the projects before 5:00 pm, your mind can relax that you did not miss anything your supervisor wants you to finish. You can do the urgent folder without any pressure to finish in a specific period of time but better to finish as many tasks as possible.

After the proper paper management to its specific folder, there are times one person is not enough to finish a project. If you are the business owner, you should spend more time on making decisions. Knowing how to delegate properly is the best paper management system you can do. Once you made a quick review of the project, you should already know who has the right skill to do the project. If the proper team is not available, assigned someone that will prepare the team to be ready. Train more teacher of great leaders rather that just train leaders.

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