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Learn Then You Can Teach, Teach Then You Can Learn More

Continuous learning is a very big part of my life. Learn as much as you can so you can share more quality information to more people. Sharing and training people would remind you of the key ideas that you should not forget and will open your mind to a more deeper understanding of a topic.
After few days of publishing a post ”List of Requirements for CPA Accreditation”, I decided to Google search for more information about the topic. Guess what website appears on the first page of Google search
My blogspot appears in the first page - 1st website

My facebook fan page is in the first page - 9th website.

Literally I pause for a few seconds thinking how should I react. The website looks so familiar and the facebook page is so familiar to me . I felt really excited that I can really help more accountants, businessman, and give more value added service to my clients through priceless information that can easily be found by Google search.
My mission for this blogsite is to inform more people with priceless information that can really help them in their industry but I did not expect that I will also inform myself. This experience motivated me to create more valuable informative post for more people to benefit.
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